be careful! Drinking too much coffee is dangerous, risking 5 deadly diseases without even realizing it.

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It is believed that many young women choose to drink coffee because it is a drink that helps them feel rejuvenated and their brains alert. This helps to work smoothly. But at the same time Drinking too much coffee It can also cause harm to physical health. Let’s look at the dangers of drinking too much coffee. What are the risks of causing disease?

be careful! Drinking too much coffee is dangerous, risking 5 deadly diseases without even realizing it.

1. Heart disease,
drinking too much coffee Contributes to the risk of heart disease. Whether it is heart disease, rapid heartbeat Arrhythmia including diseases related to the heart muscle That’s because caffeine stimulates a person’s heart to beat irregularly. Sometimes it can cause heart palpitations, especially if girls already have heart disease. It will make the symptoms more severe.

2. Beriberi:
Usually, when the body lacks vitamin B1, it results in beriberi. Muscle weakness and swelling can sometimes lead to heart attack and death. One of the reasons why the body lacks vitamin B1 is from drinking too much coffee. Because caffeine will interfere with the absorption of this vitamin. And no matter how much food we eat that contains vitamin B1, if our habit of drinking more coffee won’t help either.

3. Osteoporosis
One of the causes of osteoporosis is drinking too much coffee. Because coffee has a role in blocking the absorption of calcium. It also blocks the use of calcium. As a result, the bones are not nourished. Until the condition of osteoporosis and thinning of the bones follows ทางเข้า ufabet.

4. High blood pressure
For anyone who already has high blood pressure It is essential to be careful when drinking coffee. Because if you have the habit of drinking too much coffee Will cause the stimulation of adrenaline secretion. Resulting in increased heart work. And that will make the heart beat faster and harder. Blood pressure can increase. And when does blood pressure rise too high? It can cause other diseases as well.

5. Stomach disease
Drinking excessive amounts of coffee It will also stimulate the release of a lot of acid. The more acid secreted increases the chance that the stomach will be harmed. For people who already have gastritis If you drink too much coffee It will cause more stomach ulcers. Until causing severe stomach pain.

Of course, drinking coffee has many beneficial effects on the body. But if you drink too much It can have a negative effect on the body as well, so girls must try to control their drinking of coffee in the right amount. You must also pay attention to eating food from all 5 food groups as well. so that the body receives complete nutrition and reduce the risk of developing various diseases as well