Why Mourinho blocked MERS Fall on the field in 2014

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Reveals the reason why Jose Mourinho was the Chelsea manager at the time Goal kicks at British singer Olly Mers during a soccer aid game in 2014.

The Soccer Aid 2022 charity football event takes place on June 12 at Wembley Stadium. This event will be a meeting between. The British All – Star Team and the World All-Star Team All proceeds will go to UNICEF. Which supports programs to help children around the world and celebrities on the list for this year’s competition include Usain Bolt, Mo Farah, Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville and Cafu. But must admit The funniest moment in Soccer Aid history happened in 2014 and the star of the day was Jose Mourinho.

          Despite being a charity race. Mourinho is determined to do everything he can to win his team. When the All-Star England team were in danger of a counter-attack in the 9th minute. It was then that well- known singer-songwriter Olly Mers was getting the ball. But Mourinho, where he is the all-star team manager of the UFABET world, wants to make sure the counter-attack stops. By running into the field and kicking to block the young singer until he fell down. according to the clip below

          This work makes Mourinho was met with both boos and applause from the crowd as he walked back to the bench with a beaming face on his face . Michael Sheen later revealed the reason for Mourin’s actions. Rinho By that match, Sheen had started for the All-Star team, however, his elbow fractured in training and will only play 10 minutes. The game counter -attacked, so to ensure substitutions were made and Sheen could leave the game unscathed. So Mourinho took that approach, with Sheen recounting it in 2019. 

          “My elbow broke in training. So I shouldn’t play at all. But there’s no way I’m not going to play.” “Basically they said they couldn’t guarantee me and I had to travel the next day to go to America to film the series I was playing. I have a week off and come to do this.” “I had to make a decision. I should risk playing in this match even though Broken elbow or not? What if it was worse? I’m going to have to have a cast and have surgery.” “Nobody knows, I didn’t tell anyone. I will have to play with the English team. So I went in there and said, ‘Look, I’m really sorry for begging you guys. but my elbow is broken and i really have a problem If anything happens.” “So I only play for about 5 or 10 minutes, that’s all I’m going to do. So were you guys okay not playing harsh with me back then?'”

         “They were all like, ‘Okay, okay, sure.’ My opponent was Olly Mers, he played on the left wing . And I saw that he was definitely not light-headed. So I just thought, ‘Oh no, I missed it.’ Then Mourinho came onto the pitch and tackled Olly Mers. it’s not like that He stopped my elbow from shattering. “He did that and ‘haha’ everyone loved it, it was so funny and then I came out . my work”