Tevez reveals sad reason behind retirement announcement

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Former Manchester United and Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez has revealed the sad reason behind his retirement from football.

Carlos Tevez announces his retirement from football permanently after losing The Argentine played his last game for  Boca Juniors in his home country. But he left his boyhood club in June last year. Prior to that, he enjoyed a hugely successful time in Europe. He played for a number of great clubs before making his short career in China.

          Tevez stops playing after his adoptive father , Segundo Raimundo, died of coronavirus. Last February, Raimundo became the adoptive father of the player after his biological father died before he opened his eyes to the world. He knew he wouldn’t last long after being told he had to fight to survive. before finally succumbing to illness This has left a scar in Tevez’s heart. which now has decided to leave football behind He confirmed his retirement from football. in a statement that UFABET

          “I confirm that I quit playing They offered me a lot of stuff including from America, but that’s it, I gave it my all. Playing last year was very difficult. But I still met my father. I quit playing because I lost my number one fan.”

          When he learned that his adoptive father was going through a difficult time, he said: “Unfortunately, my father didn’t have the opportunity. It was a very difficult time. for my whole family I think I’ve won 29 trophies in my career. This is very difficult for me as a father. in explaining to daughters about their grandfathers It is a very difficult situation for everyone.”

         Tevez became the hottest player when he started making a name for himself in Argentina. But the football world was shocked by the fact that West Ham United grabbed him more than ten years ago. The striker helped the Hammers survive in the Premier League before moving to Manchester United, where he played alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney helping the Devils . Dang won several Premier League and UEFA Champions League titles. He created a sensation by moving to his city rival, Manchester City , when he started spending money on players. and helped the Blues win their first Premier League title in 2012.

         He later moved to Juventus and won several more trophies before returning to his hometown of Boca in 2015. Tevez then opened up about his weight struggle by confessing: He indulged and released after moving out of Boca. “I take empanadas, drink fernet (a type of Italian herbal liqueur) and wine, whatever I want. I take care of myself a little. But now my weight has risen by three or four kilograms. I woke up a little late I can imagine going back to training and not running at all. I used to get up at 6 in the morning to go to practice. He was the first and the last to leave. But now I don’t have the strength to do that.”