Southgate penalizes this for making England lose + Owen chooses to watch 1 player even though the lion’s form is bad

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England manager Gareth Southgate has revealed one of the reasons for the Lions’ defeat against Hungary in last night’s UEFA Nations League.

 Gareth Southgate cited Hungary ‘s heat as the main reason behind England ‘s sluggish performance that led to their defeat. In the UEFA Nations League, League A Group 3 first leg on Saturday night (Saturday 4 June 2022), Dominic Soboszlei ‘s second-half penalty helped the hosts win 1-. 0 in the match at the Puskas Arena

          Something that shouldn’t have happened came up again when the Roaring Lion players were booed while kneeling before the UFABET game. Which although this match will be played in a closed field. But it appears that more than 30,000 people attended with England, with Jarrod Bowen, making his national team debut and being considered the best offensive line option. team Rarely did the Hungarians really pose a serious threat, with Southgate pointing to the weather as a factor in their poor form.

           “I think we know it’s going to be a very difficult game,” he said. “We had a difficult game against them, against Hungary, like other big countries, it’s difficult to destroy them.” Said we might be missing a little something. In terms of our true sharpness I think it’s from the heat rather than the length of the season. “The other factor is that we haven’t played together in three months and we have three games in six months.”

           On the side of Michael Owen came out to praise ‘reserve’ like Bukayo Saka. despite his overall disappointing form in England, with the Arsenal striker able to jeopardize the Hungary ‘s defense when he got off his horse. Sit down on the field in the second half. Before taking the ball snatched up from half the field touched into the penalty area on the left side, rocking Willy Orban, but unfortunately referred to the shot to the feet of the Hungarian outpost Peter Gulasci . Great get the door

           “It was a very good run. I think he’s really quite impressive. As for Saka when he comes down,” ex- Liverpool striker Owen. and England told Channel 4. “I think he might have a problem shooting from that angle. And he can’t get enough speed to shoot.”

           Meanwhile, Jordan Knobbs, England midfielder of Arsenal. And the England national team said Saka should start in their Nations League game against Germany. On Tuesday, June 7, 2022, by saying, “I really want Saka to enter the field. I think when he raises a child like that He caused a lot of problems. He was clearly very agile. And can dribble in and that’s why he’s causing a lot of problems . can do that Then it’s just the last ball that goes into the penalty area.”

          As for the game against Germany and what should be improved Owen said: “There will definitely be a different starting XI in the Germany game. In the current team, there will be a small turnover in the team. There were quite a few players that got off the bench today. And that means some of them will start. All top teams across Europe are unique. And I want to see that come out in the upcoming games.”