Real or play! ‘ Richarlison ‘ boxing ‘ Vinicius ‘ national team camp

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Media captures Richarlison having an argument with Vinicius Jr. during a training session with the Brazilian national team. Prepared to kick off a warm-up with Japan on Monday. But did not disclose details of the incident.

Camp for the Brazilian national team Something messed up. Two of the team’s stars Everton striker Richarlison and Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior were caught in an altercation with each other. During the training before the Samba army will play a friendly match against Japan national team at the Japan National Stadium on Monday 6 June. 

However, the origin of the incident as shown in the picture was not disclosed. But the appearance of the shirt collar pulls back and forth between the two players. Hot to seniors , Neymar, a superstar from Paris Saint-Germain and Dani Alves, a veteran defender. had to come in to separate the two younger generations Which would have to wait for clarification from the association on this matter.

However, some media reports that May be just teasing each other only, but shooting stars blue Taffy. Frustrated when Neymar squeezes the back of his neck. Dancafe are among the favorites to win the UFABET 2022 World Cup later this year in Qatar. They is preparing for the warm-up game in Asia. Which they just hit South Korea 5-1 on Thursday June 2 ago.

The quarrel between the pair broke out just days after a picture of the Toffees headed into a hug congratulating the white-robed star, who scored the winning goal for the Red Devils. The Spanish giants defeated Liverpool 1-0 in the UEFA Champions League final in Paris, France. at the end of last month 

This is not the first time Richarlison has made headlines in the face of the conflict. He recently tweeted a message telling Jamie Carragher to wash his mouth. After the legend of the Reds came out to criticize. He fell too easily and he has proven to be a player with a personality ready to crash both on and off the pitch.