Is poker really a game of luck or skill

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Most of the time, poker is played in casinos alongside games like BlackJack or Slot Machines. But anyone who has studied poker seriously knows that the answer to this question is not always the same.

Poker is a game of true skill over the long term. But it will only be a short-term luck. This is because high-level poker players will limit their luck and use. It as a matter of calculation instead of making decisions and winning over the long term.

Poker is a game played against other people. not playing against the dealer 

The main reason poker is a game of skill is because it is played unlike any other game in a casino where your opponent is another player. not the dealer

And as everyone knows Banker always wins That’s why some casino hotels even offer rooms for free in exchange for playing in their casinos.

Because those hotels know for sure that in the end they will always win.

In fact, some Vegas casinos even invest in hiring an expert mathematician to do the math to make sure they win. You might be lucky sometimes. But you can be sure that with the 40 million tourists pouring in, very few of them will return home like a winner.

But for poker The dealer or the casino has a duty to facilitate only. They are not very profitable from playing poker.

Of course, what they have to collect from the players is Rake, or see it as a facilitation fee. But then it wasn’t much.

Therefore, you are more likely to play against other players. Where you can take advantage of their mistakes is another reason why we recommend you to play against other less knowledgeable players. And you will definitely win in the long run.

Poker is a game of math and probability.

How can you take advantage of other people’s mistakes? And how can I develop myself?

Winning in poker is very easy if you follow these rules.

-Put more money into the pot if you have a statistical advantage, and put less money if you’re statistically disadvantaged.

-Bluffing is another measure of poker ability. with the ability to read opponents’ thoughts and to know when they are weak and forced them to crouch

Poker is a simple game in theory.

As mentioned above, it makes poker look easy, right? But in reality, most novice poker players are losing and losing when they have a statistical advantage.

For example, if you go into a poker tournament and play patiently for hours and you have a chance of getting All in with AA vs QQ.

And as you can see, AA has a huge advantage, they have about 81% Equity, but QQ still has a 18% chance of winning, about 1 in 5.

and unexpected things can happen and causing some people to become irritable and play with emotion This so-called Bad Beat is what happens and convinces people that poker is a game of luck.

but from reason ignorance We know that players with QQ won’t win in the long run. and if you continue to play this game they will be exhausted

Poker is a game of skill in the long run.

Poker is not played with a single hand or a single round. But we played for thousands of hours, played with hundreds of thousands of hands, or even our whole lives.

and when looking at mathematics and statistics These will help you. But of course you are assuming that you are profiting in this long term all the time.

But in fact QQ could be 1 out of 5 winners, that’s the beauty of this game. Or it could be said that QQ could win all year in The first year was fine, and in the last 5 years, losing all the time, that’s a matter of the correct statistics.


No one ever said that poker was an easy game. But in fact it’s a very difficult game. Because there are many people who come to play, but very little success.

Therefore, be one of the people who wins and believes in statistics. Mathematics and study as much as possible to develop yourself regularly. If you interested members