How do you use 3 bets

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Many players have a wide range of 3 bets, but some players narrow. Therefore, understanding that it makes you 3 bets will help you a lot in making a 3 bet decision.

1. The Value 3 bet

3 bets for profit is very common for 3 bets and it is no different from normal Value bets if you believe that you have strong cards. And wanting to get more money into the Pot, that’s what is the heart of a 3 bet like this, but which card is suitable for a 3 bet like this? It depends a lot on many factors, the dynamics of the table, other players. Therefore, the key is that you have a better card than your opponent’s range. For example, if you face a typical Tight-Agressive player, your 3 bet value should be very tight, for example AA JJ KK AK, but when you meet Loose Agressive players, you will be able to use a wide range of cards. can go up 

2.The “Light” Three Bet

Using Light 3 bets is that you reraise the pre-flop with cards that are not very strong but still have a chance to improve. Using Light 3 Bet is like a semi-bluff first goal. is to win the pot immediately. You have to aim for your opponent to crouch. Your ideal competitor is the person who raised first.

Lighting 3 bets will help create images.

If on the table you are seen as a tight player and it will be very difficult to profit a lot from strong cards because when you raise everyone folds. But as soon as you start Light 3 bets often, the picture on your table will change. More people will come and play with you.

Balancing your Range for 3 bets

Using 3 bet light you need to make sure you get your balance. If you 3 bet from a narrow range AA QQ AK your opponent will be very easy to know. So try to choose a card that goes into light 3 bet like 34s for your opponent.

How to choose 3 bet amount

There are 2 reasons you should 3 bet. 

  1. for more profit When you have good cards
  2. for a semi bluff when you get a very bad card

Therefore, choosing the number of 3 bets must look at the suitability of these 2 reasons because usually the player chooses the amount from the strength of the card. But there is another technique that is always choosing the same number of bets, doing this will make it harder for your opponents to catch your way.

Position is also important for 3 bet.

That position is very important. So, having a good position or watching your opponent where they are when they reraise will allow you to approximate your opponent’s card range. And if you’re in a better position than him, 3bet with the right amount will put a lot of pressure on your opponent and put pressure on your opponent to make the wrong decision.


The 3 bet is another technique that if you can master it. It will be your weapon to increase your profits when you have a strong card or can win a pot with all your opponents going down. If you interested membership with us UFABET