Different Stats in Poker

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Online poker is becoming more and more popular nowadays. And there is a program that allows you to view many different statistics. Helping you to play more easily. So how good would it be if you could understand the statistics and be able to make decisions? To give you an edge and to increase your chances of winning

Most of the time, poker players use Poker Statistics to simulate hands through software or programs. Such as Poker Tracker in order to calculate and predict the probability of a play.

But to make the most of it, you need to understand how to read it and what it means.

Preflop Stats You Should Know

Preflop Stats are the most basic things you should know. It might not say much from itself, but it’s a good stat to start with.

1. Start with VPIP or Voluntarily Put Into Pot. It tells you how much percentage you have to put money into the pot. Every play, whether it’s Raise, Call or Limp, increases your VPIP. Only Chip when you land in Blinds doesn’t count. Because it is a forced investment and cannot be denied.

Whether VPIP is small or large. No number is wrong. because this statistic It will only tell your playing style. Loose players have a lot of VPIP because they call often and play a wide range of cards, and on the other hand, tight players have less VPIP because of the selection of cards that come into play in the pot. 

Typically, players who are good and who are Winning Players have about 20-30% VPIP.

Next, another stat to know is RFI or Raise First In. This stat is very close to VPIP and most good players have higher percentages because they raise or fold.

But of course these formulas are not fixed, in case you are defending Blind with a 3 bet, the RFI is often lower than the VPIP.

2. As we understand it, RFI will tell you how often you are the first raiser. But just like any other statistic, RFI only counts when you raise the first person, so there are a number of factors involved such as position or 3 bets that are not counted against the RFI.

Typically, the RFI of a Poker Winning Player is about 20-30%, if more than 30% is overly aggressive and if less than 20% means you may raise. Not enough when you have the opportunity to do it. And these stats may be a little lower if played in the Full Ring. 

3. 3Bet This stat tells how many of your opponents are Agressive, how often they raise back after a Preflop Raise.

but keep in mind that This statistic is only counted for certain hands, not all hands played.

If he faces an opponent with a 3 Bet record of 20%, that means that for every 5 times he meets someone Raised, he makes a 3Bet and the rest he folds.

And another technique for viewing 3 Bet statistics is observing the location of that player. If that player is in the Button or Blinds position, they have a higher chance of 3 Bet.

4. Fold to 3 Bet This statistic has a literal meaning, that is, how often you fold to 3 Bet. Looking at this statistic not only tells you how often your opponent folds 3 bets, but You can also use this stat to improve yourself how often you fold 3 bets because you won’t win if you fold often, you should improve your Preflop and start protecting the Blind more. Crouching over 60% is a huge mistake.

5. Fold to Steal Most Winning Player poker players win large amounts of non-competing pots or steal blinds. 

In Poker Stats, Steal is a raise during the Preflop, and usually comes from the bottom-line players such as Cut off, Button, and Fold to Steal stats are Big Blinds players. crouch to those raises.

Therefore, you should learn how to properly protect Blinds and look at these stats and use them if you come across a player with this high stat. For example, having found this stat over 70% or more, you should know how to steal blinds from them.

And currently the average raise size is relatively small, you should learn to protect the blind wider. 

Post Flop Stats you should know

After you start to know about Preflop’s stats, later on when you arrive at Flop, there are things you should know too.

  1. C Bet Flop 

It tells you how consistently Agressive you are at Flop because C Bet is another technique that you need to learn a lot. You don’t want to C bet too often and fold after you check. It’s a very bad strategy.

You want to check on some strong hands so that they can Bluff and resume the rest of the rounds, so your balance range must be good for the Value Hand and Bluff Hand. 

In general, you should have about 45-60% C Bet for your strategy and you should C Bet more often in Low Stake games or when facing very weak players. because they will crouch for you often

2.Fold to C Bet

It’s a statistic that translates directly as well. is to fold to C Bet, after you get here you already understand that good players C bet with wide range of cards and what you should do after understanding this statistic is Adjusting your Range to cope with those C bets

You have to understand that you don’t have to call every time you come across a C Bet, but you have to figure out other stats to include with your card range. In fact, they do. You just have to choose a position and range to gain an advantage over your opponent.

The Fold to C Bet statistics should be around 40-60% because the fact that the selection of the hand to play depends on the size of the opponent’s bet because the higher your bet, the higher the bet, you should be able to fold. Only a lot and the best method is to fold to the players who have little C Bet and little VPIP because these players are tight. very strong And in the same way, you shouldn’t crouch for very aggressive players either.

3.C Bet Turn

It’s a statistic showing how often Aggressive players take turns. It’s a statistic that counts which player was the last raise at a preflop and bet at the turn. 

4.Went To Show Down (WTSD)

It’s a very important statistic to tell how often your opponent plays at Showdown. A low number means you’re crouching too often no matter the lap. A high number means you’re not going down and trying too hard to look at the cards.

A good player should have a WTSD stat of 21-32.5%. If you think your WTSD is too high you should reduce your RFI, VPIP, and narrow your range or try to find a player to crouch for you. and adjusting new ideas without being too attached to the cards

5. Won Money at Showdown (W$SD)

It’s a statistic that shows the number of times you played and won at Showdown. But it counts more times even if you win less money than the amount you put in the POT. 

Usually, having a high W$SD number means being a strong player. A low number means being a weak player and trying to bluff too much.

Strong players have about 52-60% W$SD, meaning that by the time they reach Showdown, they have more than half the chance of winning. But if it’s below 50%, it means there’s something you can do to increase this stat: less bluff, use a narrower range and be sure you’ll always win at Showdown. 

6.Aggression %by Street 

Many players try to increase their Aggression, although they play well on Preflop and Flop, they tend to weaken in the later rounds.

This is pretty bad, you want to have 30% Aggression every round not just the flop and if your stats are very far from 30% then you are doing something wrong and should bet or raise a lot. More than Call and Check

7.River Call Efficiency

This statistic can give you a lot of information about how effective you are at calling the River.

And if it’s below 1, you’re having trouble calling too often with a weak card on River, but if it’s higher than 2, it means you’re missing a lot of calling on River and folded a lot. too much and that’s a problem as well.


Analyzing statistics in poker is very helpful. You should start studying the analysis and use it. There are many statistics in poker but you can probably start from the top. Because just the above stats will give you more weapons. Build an advantage with your competitors And these statistics are not only for your opponents, but also for you to see where you are making mistakes. Are there any statistics that are too much or too little? and develop yourself in solving those mistakes. If you interested membership with us UFABET