3 things that will definitely help you play PLO better

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PLO is another popular poker game. because it can provide both fun and excitement Because the cards that are given to the players 4-6 cards, the players can have more chances to win cards. but on the other hand The players have a high chance of winning cards. making it more likely to play Therefore, to play in that round that players think they have strong cards In fact, there may always be other players with stronger cards. Therefore, today we Flip Poker see that PLO has more players who pay more attention, so we bring 3 techniques for all friends to learn and develop in PLO together.

1. Bet at Small blinds position after Call at Preflop.

If you don’t have the basics of playing NLH, you’ll be checking the Preflop with a bad position. Because starting a bet at Preflop is a bad game for NLH, but for a PLO, being a starter will make you win. 

But you should have a high range of cards on the flop and not an Ace.

For example, if a player at the Button Raise position comes, you should call on the Small Blind and Big Blind positions, and this is an example of a range that will give you an edge on the flop.

J-J-8 Rainbow

K-K-4 Flush Draw

K-Q-7 Rainbow

Q-T-5 Rainbow

And you’re probably wondering, how much should you bet on? The answer is: Bet a bit bigger for an unpaired flop, about 40% of the pot, and a smaller bet for a pair of flop, about 20% of the pot.

2. Adjust your C-bet frequency when facing players who have never started betting before.

If you’re playing against players who don’t always start Bet Preflop, you’ll want to reduce your C-Bet frequency as these players have a pretty strong check range. More than the players who started the bet at Preflop.

For example, if you raise a button and your opponent at Small Blind makes a call and the flop turns out to be a KT-7 Rainbow, let’s calculate how it works out of the program.

-If you have to fight with players who have started Bet, the frequency of C-bet will be 35.4%.

-If you have to fight with players who have never started a bet, the frequency of C-bet will be 15.6%.

You see, the program calculates the frequency to fight these players much less.

Of course, you never know what card that player is holding, but you should give it a try. and understand the statistics of these programs that it never lies

3.Bet Pot or All in on cards that do not change Board after 3 Bet on Preflop and Check-Call on Flop.

Let’s say you 3 Bet at Big Blind vs. Raised Player on Button.

and the flop came out as 9-7-3 Rainbow.

After you check your opponent bet half pot which you call.

and come to turn, the cards come out as 2 flowers are not straight at all

Here you should bet Pot or All in because the 2 cards that come out have a bad effect on the player’s range on the button because they will have a wide range of cards and when the 2 cards come out, that makes the chances of playing. The fact that he had a strong card was even less. Compared to you in the Big Blind position and with a narrower playing range, having all in here puts a lot of pressure on your opponents.


Here are 3 tips that will make you better in PLO. It may seem strange to NLH players, but you can adapt it to your own strategy and card range. To give you more weaponry in poker table battles. If you interested membership with us UFABET