Being a teacher is hard. Homeschooling is hard. But it’s what we do. We know it’s all worth it. We feel indescribable joy when we see our children learning. Our work is indispensable. We change the world, one lesson at a time.

I‘m Virginia. Teacher by profession. Homeschooling for the past five years. Following the Montessori method with my four children. Sharing my experiences, ideas, and resources to help you be the best teacher possible.

  • Just like you, we’re always learning. Discovering. Struggling with difficult concepts. Celebrating our achievements. We try to live each day in a way that honors the One who gave us life.
  • Montessori

Ready to see what I have for you around here?

Or would you like to meet my children first?

Mr. Scientist
4th Grade

Curious. Independent. Always with a book in his hand. Thinking and analyzing. Sensitive. Soccer player. He loves all things science.

Miss Adventuress
1st Grade

Intelligent. Strong. Taking risks and learning something new. Persevering and never giving in. She loves math and art.

Miss Braveheart
3 years old

Brave. Strong. A smile that can disarm anyone. Clever. Courageous. Curious and always busy. Living life with all of her heart.

Mr. Baby
1 year old

Independent. Precious. Investigating and running. Expressing his opinions and desires. Absorbing. Playing. Growing.

And this is where we learn.

Well, this is one of our learning spaces: the living room! We also have a small classroom where we store materials, and where there is another small table an a reading corner. Would you like to see it? I’d love to show you! Go see all the details of our homeschool learning spaces.

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