One Thousand: A Place Value Game

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As I got back to math presentations with Miss Adventuress after the move, I noticed that we needed to review how to form large numbers, and how to read them. But it would have to be in the form of a game!


It’s a very straightforward game, simply called “One thousand”, because that’s precisely what you’re trying to get: one thousand beads! You need: the golden beads (or a set of base 10 blocks), two sets of number cards up to thousands (I used my version with the clipped corners), and three dice in an opaque container: one green, one blue, and one red.


The first player picks up the container with the dice in it, and without looking, removes one. The color indicates if she will be rolling for ones/units (green), tens (blue), or hundreds (red). She rolls the die, and takes that amount of golden beads from the tray. Then she picks out the number card that represents that quantity. Miss Adventuress had taken out the red die, and rolled a three. She took three hundreds squares, and the red 300 number card. I, on the other hand, had drawn the green die on my first turn, and rolled a lonely little one. I took one little unit bead from the tray, and the green number card 1.


On her second turn, she rolled a green two, and picked up two beads and the green two card. She put the green card on top of the red card, aligning them. It’s easy to align them correctly with the clipped corner.


Here you see better how the green card fits on top of the red card. These cards really help develop understanding of the place value system.


On her third turn, she rolled a blue six, and this is how her beads and cards looked afterwards. I asked her to read the number at the end of each turn, to see who had more. She loved seeing that she always had more than me this game!


At this point she was winning 382 to 261. I had hope that I would win in the end!


But, alas! It was not to be. She rolled a blue three, a red five, a green six, and then another red five! She finished with 1416, first one to a thousand!


And me with only 591, poor me. We played again, and I think she beat me again! But I’ll share a secret with you. Since she finished the game easily forming and reading numbers through units of thousands, we both won!

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