Trashy Reading Practice

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We went to the Dollar Tree, and I just couldn’t resist buying this little trash can. Only one dollar, and so cute…how could I possibly leave without it?


And that butterfly-shaped box, perfect for spring! I knew I’d find a great use for it, and I did! With Miss Adventuress’ help, of course.

I’d already made some command cards, according to the Montessori primary language album (mine is from Jessica at Keys of the World). Each card has some kind of command on it, which the child reads and performs. She doesn’t have to read it out loud, but I still know if she understood or not. And since reading out loud is a more difficult skill than reading to yourself silently, I don’t even want her reading out loud yet.


I decided to stick the commands in the butterfly box, and Miss Adventuress decided she would throw away each card in the mini trash can when she finished carrying out the action. The commands are generally things that are not usually allowed during class time, or that are of particular interest. The three seen in the picture are: “Write a letter”, “Sing like a rooster”, and “Turn off the light”. These types of commands encourage the child to choose this work herself. I certainly haven’t had to remind Miss Adventuress about this one; it’s one of her favorites!

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