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A while back I wrote a review of the Alfaguara edition of Don Quijote, written for a younger audience. Mr. Scientist and I enjoyed it so much that he’s asking me to read it to him again.

And I will. But I also found Audiria. They’ve recorded the whole book, original text, and you can listen to it free (in Spanish only). You can listen via computer, iTunes, or download it. And it isn’t one file, it’s divided into 67 episodes, which is a blessing, because it’s easy to listen to a little at a time, and not lose your place in an hours-long recording.

So, enjoy listening to it! I know what we’ll be listening to now while we’re cooking or cleaning! Just click on the image below to go to their page and start in!

Audiria Escuchar Don Quijote Gratis


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