January Plans

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We’re back to official school days!

Not a single day goes by that they don’t do something that counts as schoolwork, but we’ve had a bit of a rest from our normal daily routine. Today, though, it was back to normal! And here are the plans I gave them today. They choose some of the work from the responsibilities I’ve listed, and they choose their own work, too. Among the responsibilities listed are works they really like, and some that are not their favorites. But I want them to do each one at least one before moving on.

I’ve included both Spanish and English versions for you to look at. We’re continuing with our AMI Montessori albums from Keys of the Universe as the base of our studies, and adding more resources and materials based on their interests. For example, we’re going to try out Biology 2 by Real Science Odyssey this month too, though it doesn’t show up in the plans. I just found it and showed it to Mr. Scientist. We’ll see how it goes! I’ve also found more biology resources in Spanish, so we can keep learning science in both languages.



Visual Plans Montessori Third Grade

Visual Plans Montessori kindergarten

I hope you have a great week of learning!

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