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In my last post with our daily work, I mentioned that Miss Adventuress had been working with some cards with Christmas symbols, and that I would share them with you soon. Well, here there are! In both Spanish AND English! And I’ll show you how we’ve been using them. Miss Braveheart has been working with them, too.

Tarjetas de Navidad juego de memoria

First we played a giant game of memory, using two full sets of the cards. We used the ones written in cursive, but I included a print version for you, too. Miss Adventuress loves playing memory, and it was a perfect way to introduce the vocabulary for some symbols she didn’t recognize. We don’t celebrate all of the American cultural Christmas traditions, so she didn’t know what an elf was, or holly. The ornament and the angel she did recognize. 🙂

Cartas de vocabulario de Navidad

Then we put one copy of each card face up on the table, and played one of the language games from my Montessori language album. First I described one of the symbols, and Miss Adventuress identified which one I was describing, and picked up the card. Then she described one for me. We kept going until we had described all of the symbols. She liked this game, too. And we added in even more vocabulary work, in a natural and fun way.

Christmas vocabulary cards with Montessori moveable alphabet

Miss Adventuress needed to work more on identifying sounds in words, so we took out the moveable alphabet. She picked out five cards, and then identified the beginning sound and put that letter with the card. Afterwards, she identified the ending sound. She finished by writing José (Joseph) completely, with the moveable alphabet. She wasn’t interested in writing out the other words completely, so we left the work here. With a little emphasis on working on the sounds, she is advancing a lot each day. This week she began writing words by herself in her notebook!

Christmas vocabulary cards with moveable alphabe

I gave her the labels for these five cards, and she put them with the correct symbol. Maria Montessori discovered that for young children, writing precedes reading. With a complete Montessori experience, beginning at 2.5 or 3 years old, children begin writing at about 4 years of age, and reading at about 4.5. We began later, but she is getting close to reading now. I want her to be reading before beginning elementary Montessori between 6 and 7 years old, so we keep working!

And now, the card set! You can click on the picture to download the pdf document. Enjoy!

Cartas de vocabulario Navidad

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