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The children are so excited for Advent! Santa Claus and Christmas presents aren’t part of our traditions, but the excitement of the season is the same. Today Miss Adventuress remembered a game I’d made last year, in which Mary and Joseph are traveling to Bethlehem.

They travel through the hundred chart, and the game works on sums up to 6 + 6 plus adding and subtracting 10 from any number under 100. It’s a simple game, but we had a lot of fun playing it. I decided to share it with you, so that your students can enjoy it, too! And since some of you can’t use Christmas resources in your classrooms, or don’t celebrate it in your homes, I’ve also made a penguin version, with no Christmas theme. That version can be used all winter long! And both versions have both color and black and white options, in both Spanish and English!

So, click on the picture below to download your own copy!

Juego del tablero de 100: A Antartida BilingueHundred Chart Game: To Bethlehem Bilingual

Esta entrada también está disponible en: Spanish

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