{Free Printables} Thanksgiving Mini-Books in Spanish

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This morning I made two little Thanksgiving books: one very simple with just a drawing and a word on each page, and one with slightly more complicated text. I wasn’t satisfied with the myth that we generally tell our children, so these little books reflect the research I’ve done about the first Thanksgiving. I hope to talk more about the differences between history and the common Thanksgiving myth here on the blog this week.

You can click on the image to download the version you’d like. The simple booklet has print and cursive versions. The one with slightly more complicated text has the option of printing just two pages that have the complete text, or printing the same text in booklet form, with space for the students to illustrate it. I’ve also included a writing sheet that goes with the Thanksgiving theme. These two books are only in Spanish; I just didn’t have time to make the English versions yet, very sorry!





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