Fractions with Heart

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Fraccionarios con Montessori

It’s fun to have some holiday-themed activities, so I made these fraction hearts!

I always want my children to make up their own equations, but when we’re reviewing, I don’t mind giving them a limited material like this. There are six hearts on each page, which cover all of the Primary level fraction work (ages 3-6). One page has equivalent fractions, one sums, one subtraction, one multiplication, and one division. And they only use the Montessori metal fraction insets, seen in the picture. There is another material for elementary work, a box of more fraction pieces, which allows the children to do more complicated equations. But it isn’t needed for this activity.

And in case you don’t have Montessori fraction circles, I’ve made a printable that allows you to make your own! Each circle is 10cm in diameter, in accordance with the classic Montessori material. In the pdf you’ll find red circles, and black and white circles you can print onto red paper. For this material, we want all of the circles to be the same color. This emphasizes that they are all one unit, just like the first circle; they’re just divided into different numbers of equal pieces.

Click on either of the pictures with hearts to download that complete pdf, and on either of the circles further down to download the pdf with the fraction circles. And have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Fracciones con corazones

Heart Fractions Math Center

Montessori Fraction Circle Insets

Fracciones Montessori Circulos

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