Three Kings Day!

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Did you celebrate Three Kings’ Day yesterday?

We did! We didn’t do a lot, but there are two traditions we never forget: leaving our shoes out for the Wise Men to fill with a few little surprises, and making the Kings’ Bread…and eating it, of course!

In some places, children receive gifts from the Wise Men in the same way that many U.S. children receive them from Santa Claus. The children write them letters, visit people dressed up like Wise Men for pictures, and get up early on January 6th to see what the Wise Men have left for them on their way to see Jesus…and often what they’ve left doesn’t fit in their shoes! The tradition has even been conflated with Santa Claus so much that in some places adults tell children that the Wise Men can see everything, and know if a child has been bad or good…and if you don’t behave well, you’ll only get coal!

Our celebration is simpler, but still lots of fun. The children wanted to leave their shoes under the Christmas tree this year, and this is what the Wise Men left for them (taking into account that they decided to leave more than one pair of shoe each…we do nly have three children!)…


(The wrapped presents aren’t presents exactly, they’re boxes with the supplies to make an ornament each day that represents part of the Christmas story.)

And the very excited children…especially for their new flashlights, and the glow-in-the-dark wands. And the animal crackers and new notebooks were very popular, too.


And the rosca de reyes, or Kings’ Bread. I was going to use a traditional recipe, but ran out of time, so we used two cans of crescent rolls and a jar of maraschino cherries. Super simple, and super delicious! We also hid a small bean in the rosca, to represent baby Jesus whom the Wise Men sought. Mr. Scientist found it this year! Oh, and we’d already eaten half of the rosca when I remembered to take this picture. 🙂


And I leave you with some songs and videos found on YouTube…they’re in Spanish, but you’ll enjoy them anyway, and see what an important holiday it is in many countries!

Canción: Ya vienen los reyes magos

Canción: Ya vienen los reyes magos (version que a mí me gusta más)

La tradición de la visita de los sabios, para niños

Canción representado por niños disfrazados, muy divertido

Los tres reyes magos, de la Misa Criolla

Los tres reyes magos en Puerto Rico, 2014

Desfile de Madrid, 2014

¡Feliz Día de Reyes!

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