Daily Work 11.10.14: Liquids, Gases, BioBlitz, and Calligraphy

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Estados de materia: liquidos y gases

I gave the presentation on states of matter: liquids and gasess. We’d already done the presentation on solid. The details on how I presented these concepts merit their own post, so I’ll leave that for later. But the main ideas Mr. Scientist and Miss Adventuress came away with were that the particles of a liquid hold on to each other, but much more loosely than those of a solid…and that the particles of a gas never even want to touch each other.

Marcadores de manchita BINGO

I had made some Bingo dot marker sheets for Miss Braveheart, and Miss Adventuress wanted to participate, too. So I added the letter M in lower and upper case, so she could use a different color marker for each. She wanted to color her apple first. She’s getting more comfortable with cursive with activities like this; she had been very reluctant to begin learning it. If anyone is interested, I can share these sheets I made.

Sr. Científico, biólogo

Mr. Scientist wanted to do a “BioBlitz”, having read about one in a magazine, and decided to do it around his frog pond. We already have lots of frogs and other animals, and he and Miss Adventuress looked for all the species and footprints of other species they could find, and wrote down observations in a notebook.

Heliografía para casa de muñecas

Mr. Scientist working on the blueprint for the doll house he wants to build.


Miss Adventuress working on the multiples of 4. The pumpkin cards I made; shall I share those?

Anatomía del pez

Mr. Scientist working on fish anatomy. He saved his money until he had enough for an aquarium, and now he is researching all things fish.

Pintura China

Mr. Scientist and Miss Adventuress began learning to do Chinese brush painting. They’re also going to learn Chinese calligraphy.

Juego de estampillas

Miss Adventuress began the stamp game. Here she is adding 4,016 + 3,982.

And that’s a bit of our recent work!

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