Daily Work 1.20.15: Bacteria, Microscopes, and Color

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A bit of our recent work…from microscopes to growing bacteria!

Miss Braveheart working on colors, with the second box of color tablets:

Montessori color tablets

Tabillas de colores Montessori

Then she decided to work with this box of knobless cylinders. I continue to notice her taking them out of the box in order, even though she didn’t choose to line them up this week. She is already understanding their attributes.

Cilindros sin boton | Knobless cylinders

Meanwhile, Mr. Scientist and Miss Adventuress decided to do some investigating with our microscopes. We have the Tuff Scope from GeoSafari, the Pocket Scope from Home Science Tools, and a microscope that came from the medical school in our town. When they upgraded their microscopes, they donated some of the old ones to our homeschool group, and we have one on loan.

Investigando con el microscopio


Microscope Investigations


And to find out more, Mr. Scientist took out El gran libro del microscopio (The Big Microscope Book), which is an Usborne book, to learn more.

El gran libro del microscopio Usborne

Miss Adventuress decided to work with the continents puzzle. She can already name them all. I presented the continents globe to her first, and sometimes she uses the two materials together. This time, she just wanted to take the pieces out, talk about which continent it was and some animals that live there, and put the pieces back.

Mapa rompecabezas de los continentes | Montessori Continents Puzzle Map

Miss Adventuress wanted to do some experiments from her rocks and minerals kit, from Thames and Kosmos.

Juego de rocas y minerales de Thames y Kosmos

Thames and Kosmos Rocks and Minerals experiments kit

And Mr. Scientist remembered he had a kit with bacteria experiments from Home Science Tools, so we got that out. We prepared petri dishes with agar, and started two experiments. One is growing bacteria from the air, and the other bacteria from his hands.

Experimentos con bacteria


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