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A group of colleagues and I from Teachers pay Teachers have decided to participate in a day of giving back.


Each one of us is going to donate a percentage of our profits this Sunday, December 14th, to a charity of our choice. I’m going to donate 100% of my profits that day to Rapha House: Haiti.


Rapha House has an incredible record of rescuing and helping girls and teens who were trapped in slavery. They started in Cambodia, and have now opened safe houses in Thailand and Haiti. My best friend from college and her friend are the directors of the Haiti branch, and their work is indispensable. The problem of slavery, through the restavek system, is unbelievable and heartbreaking. But they are fighting it, and already have 14 girls they are working with. There are counselors, teachers, lawyers, and many more working with the girls, helping them heal and begin a future that they never imagined possible.

All of that work requires resources, and so I do what I can do support them. I back them 100% and believe in their work, because they have so much experience working in Haiti. They are not novices. The honeymoon phase of working in Haiti passed years ago. They understand perfectly just how difficult it is to work there, and how difficult it is to change a system and an entire culture. But they are doing it, one girl at a time. Therefore I proudly donate all of my profits from my TpT store this Sunday, December 14th, to Rapha House: Haiti.

Want to know which other teachers are supporting charities this weekend? Just click on the link below to se the whole group! You get wonderful resources, and support various great causes at the same time!

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