A Carnival of Resources: A Game to Practice Area and Addition!

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Mr. Scientist is working on a blueprint for a dollhouse he hopes to build, and it seemed like a great opportunity for introducing the concepts of area and perimeter.

Plano de casita de muñecas

He started this project a while ago, but as you can see, he lost his plan for a while behind a bookcase.

Dollhouse Plans

I invented this simple treasure hunt game to introduce area. If you want to introduce that concept with this game, you’ll want to play it with your students the first time or two. If you’ve already studied it, this will be a great way to review, and won’t need much explanation at all.

Juego gratuito: Búsqueda de tesoro

I made four versions of the gameboard; you can choose which you want to use according to the addition skills of your students. The three with the values on the coins are played the same way. The fourth is almost the same, with one change: they don’t know how much the coins are worth until the end. That version also offers the opportunity to use multiplication at the end.

Juego de mates: el área

We played the fourth version, and Miss Adventuress beat Mr. Scientist by eight points. She isn’t going to start studying area yet, but can play the game just the same.

Free Math Game: Treasure Hunt

You can download the game by clicking on the picture in Spanish or in English below.

Then go on to the next blog in the Carnaval de recursos (Carnival of Resources); other bilingual colleagues are sharing free resources, too! You can click on the image at the very bottom of the post to jump to the next blog. Enjoy!

Hacer clic en esta imagen para el castellano:

Juego: Buesqueda de tesoro

And click on this picture for English:

Math Game: Treasure Hunt

Y a seguir con el Carnaval!

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