Weekly Plans 9.22.14

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Sunday night ALWAYS finds me preparing for the upcoming week; what about the rest of you?

I’m going to share the plans I have this week. There is one page for each child. I don’t anticipate we’ll finish all of this work in one week, and this isn’t a checklist. Many of the works listed will be done several times, or have several parts. These are the sheets I give them to remind them of the work we want to do, and to help them plan their days. Last week I met with each one, and we decided together what they would study next. The majority of the work comes from the Montessori albums that is our curriculum (from Keys of the Universe), but there is also work that they invented according to their interests.


Here is Mr. Scientist’s plan. There is space for him to add more work; he’ll likely choose some art, and history. Last week he was very interested in the Middle Ages! I translated this into English for you, but he will just use the sheet in Spanish.

Visual Plan 3rd Grade Montessori



And now Miss Adventuress’ plan (5 years old, Kinder). She also has space to add more work. She’s already mentioned today that she wants to learn some Japanese, and study about Japan. She also wants to learn to blow up a balloon. We’ll add those to her plan tomorrow! (And again, I translated this into English, but she just gets the Spanish plan. We’re working on cursive with her, but she still prefers to read manuscript. I didn’t know enough about Montessori to begin with cursive when she was younger! We’ll get there, though!)

Visual Plan Kindergarten Montessori


And finally, Miss Braveheart’s plan. She didn’t have a meeting with me to choose her work, but she lets me know what she’s ready to learn in one way or another, every day! I observe her carefully to see what interests her, and which activities she has already mastered, to replace them with new ones.

Visual Plan Toddler Montessori

I hope to share pictures of our work this week, so that you will know more about the activities that are on these plans! I hope you have a wonderful week!

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