Daily Work 8.31.14

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Pegatinas con la nena

Miss Braveheart enjoyed using stickers; it was great fine motor skills work, too!

Charco de ranas

Mr. Scientist investigating what is in his frog pond.

Huevos de rana Frog eggs

He found frog eggs!!!

Alimentando pajaros Bird feeder

Mr. Scientist filling the bird feeder. We have a poster with the most common birds in our state by the window where this hangs; Mr. Scientist always identifies them, and sometimes tracks the ones he’s seen, too.

Estudiar arañas Studying spiders

Miss Adventuress notified me of her wish to study spiders. 🙂

Autobus magico Magic school bus

So of course we got out this Magic Schoolbus book to read!

Alimentando arañas Feeding spiders

Reading the book reminded Mr. Scientist that his pet wolf spider needed fresh moss. We wet the moss, and the spider drinks water from it.

Jorge el curioso Curious George

Reading the spider book with Miss Adventuress reminded Miss Braveheart that she needed to read her current favorite, this Curious George book.

Trenes Trains

While I was making lunch, all three began building. It wasn’t part of my school plans, but it actually was great school time. They had to exercise their spatial reasoning and engineering skills. They weren’t just joining pieces of track; they were planning how each one would be used, and where different lines would need to meet, which blocks would work for building the elevated track, etc. They can learn so much from what seems to be just a toy!

Trenes y imanes Trains and magnets

Miss Braveheart was also learning about magnetism, since the train engine and wagon magnets are polarized.

Fortaleza de cobijas Blanket fort

While I was putting Eliana down for a nap, Mr. Scientist and Miss Adventuress built a castle out of blankets.

Tirar un dolar Roll a dollar

I taught the Roll a Dollar game, found in a Marilyn Burns book, to Miss Adventuress. You roll a die, and collect that number of pennies or dimes (but not both on the same turn). Each player rolls seven times, and the one who has the most money at the end without going over a dollar, wins. And every time you have 10 pennies, you must change for a dime. It’s useful for learning strategy, reviewing coin values, and working on place value.

Cubo del trinomio aritmético Arithmetic Trinomial Cube

Miss Adventuress decided she wanted to work with the arithmetic trinomial cube. This cube concretely represents the trinomial theorem she’ll learn later in algebra. For now, she uses it sensorially, learning to build it.

Patrones Patterns

Meanwhile, Miss Braveheart got out this work, a pattern block set from Melissa & Doug.

Cubo del binomio Binomial Cube

Then Miss Adventuress decided to work on the binomial cube. She built the cube outside of the box this time.

Cilindros con botón Knobbed cylinders

Mr. Scientist had been reading, something he does for two or three hours every day, and decided to get out this knobbed cylinder block. He wanted to see how quickly he could take out and put back all of the cylinders. It’s a good way to review the correct way to hold a pencil, as well as being good sensorial and spatial training.

Tarjetas tres partes charco Pond three part cards

Miss Braveheart found these three part cards with pond animals from our state (I made them). She identified each animal by name, and put the matching photos together.


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