Daily Work 10.21.14: Density, Angle Bisection, Math Facts, and Solids

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Just a few pictures to show some of our recent work!

Densidad de liquidos | Density of liquids

Here we have the materials for the presentation on the density of liquids. There is water, oil, and molasses in the test tubes, and we demonstrated that the heaviest substance always fights to get to the bottom, and the lightest substance fights to get to the top.

Density of liquids Montessori presentation

Mr. Scientist and Miss Adventuress both participated in this presentation, and here they are posing questions to themselves and investigating them after the presentation.

Bisecar ángulos | Bisect angles

Mr. Scientist learned to bisect angles using  a compass, protractor, and ruler. Well, I learned to do it too; it wasn’t ever taught in my geometry classes!

Qué es un ángulo | What is an angle

Miss Adventuress learned what an angle is. We used the geometry sticks, and began with one on top of the other. Then I put the point of my pencil in the hole of the top stick, and began turning it and drawing at the same time. After drawing a bit, I would stop and comment, this is an angle, showing the space between the two sticks. I kept going until I’d drawn a complete angle. Then Miss Adventuress repeated the work, drawing her own angles.

Ángulo recto | Right angle

Later Miss Adventuress learned what a right angle is, using the angle measurer that came with the geometry sticks…

ángulo agudo | acute angle

…and what an acute angle is (the angle measurer doesn’t fit, because the angle is smaller than the right angle)…

ángulo obtuso | obtuse angle

…and what an obtuse angle is (the angle measurer fits but leaves extra space, the angle is bigger than the right angle).

Practicar tablas de multiplicar

Miss Adventuress and Mr. Scientist are both working on memorizing their math facts, and sometimes we play games like this to help. They wrote the multiples of four, up to forty, on pieces of paper that we then spread around the floor. Then I would say something like, four six times with your head! And they would find the product with their heads. We had fun. 🙂

Estados de materia: los sólidos | States of matter: solids

And these are the materials for the presentation on solids from the states of matter. We discovered that the particles of a solid hold on to each other very tightly.

More pictures next time!

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