Toddler Daily Work 9.22.14

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Estanteria Montessori de la nena

Since I ran out of space in the last post to show you Miss Braveheart’s work, I’ve dedicated a separate post just to her! She is 2 years and 3 months, and this is the work she has on her main work shelf this week. She uses some other materials, too, but these are the ones she uses while I’m working with another child in the living room.

Toddler Montessori shelves

A wooden shape sorter (Melissa and Doug, I think), and some attribute links. We are just using the links sensorially right now, learning to link them together. I do name them for her if I’m working with her, but I don’t expect her to name the red triangle, the blue circle, etc., for a while yet.

Montessori actividades para el otoño

Here we have a wooden material that requires twisting the rectangle in one direction and then the other to take it off and put it back on. There is also a leaf-shaped tray that I found at Dollar Tree this year, with six leaves of thick cardstock that I already had. They were in a package of bulletin board decorations. They’re identical except for the color, so we use them to identify the classic colors of fall. There are two of each color so that she can match them.



Matemáticas para nenesShe always likes to work with the pattern blocks, sometimes using the activity sheets that are to the left to try to match the designs. She also enjoys putting beads on the pipe cleaners. It is easier than stringing beads, because of the wire inside the pipe cleaner. She would also like to dump out the beads, but I’m very firm with her that these beads are only for putting on the pipe cleaners. She has other works that involve pouring. When she gets to the point that she just wants to dump the beads instead of putting them on the pipe cleaner, we put this work back on the shelf.

Rompecabezas y escalera marrón MontessoriThese shape and animal puzzles still interest her; she doesn’t work with them a lot, but enough that I’ll leave them out a little bit longer. And below is the Brown Stair, a Montessori material. We haven’t actually begun presentations with this material yet, it just lives on this shelf. 🙂

Vida práctica y mates MontessoriThree more activites, which require no explanations. 🙂

Fall Montessori activities for toddlersWe made playdough together at home, and I got out these small cookie cutters (actually pie pastry cutters) that I bought from Crate and Barrel last year on clearance. It’s been a while since I got playdough out for her, and she’s enjoying it!

Gabinete geométrico Montessori | Montessori Geometry CabinetAnd this is a drawer from the geometric cabinet. The first presentation is taking out a piece, holding it by the knob so that the bottom is facing up, and using the index and middle finger of the other (dominant) hand to trace the outline. Then they move on to tracing the frames. Afterwards, they learn to put the pieces back in the frames. She had already mastered the drawers of circles and rectangles and wanted to try this one.

Miss Braveheart also participates in different ways in the older children’s activities, and we read lots of books. We also play some vocabulary games that are not on this shelf, but they are just verbal games that help increase her vocabulary and conversational skills. And thus goes her learning!

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