Subtraction Buddies

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Hello!  This is Miguelito el comilón, a.k.a. Munchy Mike!  He likes to help us with subtraction; he’s a great math friend!  Everyone needs a subtraction buddy.

Place some manipulatives on the table, such as part of your collection of small animals, or counting bears, buttons, anything!  Then tell Mike how many to eat, and count how many are left!  Super simple!  But it gives children a concrete idea of what subtraction is, which helps so much.  It’s more important to teach them what subtraction IS than to have them memorize all of the facts.  Memorizing is important too, but they need to understand subtraction first.

Mike loves to help, and he is ALWAYS hungry!  My children loved this project.  G used the worksheet found at the blog of the originator of this project, Kindertastic.  E did the project and participated too, but we didn’t use any worksheet for her.  We just played, since she’s only three.  For her, playing is learning, and learning is playing!

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