A Simple Game for Letter Identification and Sound Practice

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Juego de letras con el alfabeto movil

Miss Adventuress is working hard on her letters and syllables, getting ready to read!  To help her, I invented this simple game.

Letter game with the moveable alphabet


1.  Give one or more word cards to each student (or let them choose).

2.  Put the letters in the bag.  You can put only the letters that will be used in the bag (a shorter, easier game), or you can include all of the letters you have (a longer, harder game).

3.  On your turn, roll the die.  Take that number of letters out of the letter bag, without looking.  Once you have your letters, look to see if you can use them to build your word.  If so, put it below the word card to help you build it.  If not, put it in a pile beside you.  This will be your letter dump.

4.  The next player continues, and does the same.  Keep playing until you can build all of your words.

5.  If you roll a six, you can choose to take letters you need from another player’s dump.  If you choose two letters from another player’s letter dump, you can still choose four from the letter bag (without looking).

If you play, I’d love to hear how it goes for you!  Enjoy!

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