September means APPLES! And a Math Fact Game!

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Happy September!

Here in the northern hemisphere, in a temperate climate, the month of September sees the apples mature, and they’re ready to pick! We’re going to visit an orchard this month; meanwhile, we’ll begin incorporating apples into our learning. Today I have a free resource for you to practice addition, multiplication, or division math facts – and it has an English version included, too!

Click on the FIRST PICTURE OR on the link AT THE END, UNDER THE PICTURES to download this activity! You should find a 15-page .pdf document. Enjoy!

Manzanas Apples Math

Apple Math Activity

Math Facts Fall practice

Matematicas otoño manzanas

Sumas Addition Apples

Multiplicar Multiplication Facts

Tablas division dividir

Division math facts quotiente cuocientes

Apple Math Manzanas!


Esta entrada también está disponible en: Spanish

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