Science: Notebook and Magnet Investigations

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G has his own Science Notebook this year.  It’s very simple, just an artist’s sketch book with blank pages.  He wrote his name and the title on the first page:

And we did our first investigation!  Sonlight Science B starts with a study of magnets, so we are beginning the same way, although we didn’t buy the Science Activities book used in Sonlight.  There’s a basic description of the experiments in the Science Instructor’s Guide, and that was enough for this investigation.

We began with a plastic container in which I had placed various objects and different types of magnets.  G found out if each object was magnetic or not.  I helped him make a table to record the results.  He got tired of filling in the table after about ten objects, so I let him finish the investigation without recording his findings.

The next week we studied the power of different magnets.  We read about the different types of magnets (bar, button, ring, horseshoe, cylinder) in our Libro de ciencia (find our list of books here), and then we used a ruler to see from what distance each magnet could attract a particular object.  We tried attracting the objects both horizontally and vertically.  We recorded our findings in another table in the notebook.

G also discovered the poles of the magnets during these investigations, but we haven’t studied that together yet; that comes this week!


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