Salt, Chopsticks, and Cursive

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Salt tray and chopstick for cursive writing practice

We didn’t begin with cursive, as some Montessori schools do.  In the U.S., cursive is a third-grade skill, but G wanted to learn sooner.  He began last year with the Zaner-Bloser workbook (which you can get in Spanish!).  This year he is practicing more, and his favorite way to practice is with a tray of salt and a chopstick.


Salt tray for cursive writing practice



We already had the sandpaper letters, a typical primary Montessori material.  He chose the letters he wanted to work on today, and I showed him how they were formed, tracing them with my finger and writing an example in the salt.  Then he practiced the letter.  When he was feeling confident in that letter, he would write the syllables (such as Da, De, Di, Do, Du) with it, to see how it connected (or didn’t!) with other letters.

Salt tray for cursive writing


I used a cookie sheet, and that worked well for G.  It would be better to use something with slightly taller sides for my 4-year old.  Even my little 16-month old baby scribbled in the salt whenever she could today…and not all of the salt stayed in the cookie sheet. 🙂  You could use sand or flour also, or even sugar, so that writing becomes a truly sweet task. 😉

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