Spider Learning and Craft Fun!

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We like spiders…a little bit!  We don’t celebrate Halloween, and we don’t like scary stuff (I NEVER watch horror films!), but I thought it would be fun to participate a bit in the season’s festivities with some spider activities this week.

First, we learned the parts of a spider…its external morphology, to be precise.  Pedipalps, fangs, spinnerets…we’ve learned lots of new words!

After looking at photos of spiders and talking about what we saw, we made our own spider models.  I introduced the new vocabulary words while we worked.

Araña y telaraña manualidad

After making the spiders, we made them some webs.  First we drew the webs with white glue on wax paper…

Glue on wax paper for spider web

Then we covered them in glitter, and let them dry overnight.

Brillo y pegamento para hacer la telaraña

And today we peeled them off carefully.  The children love them!

Telaraña de pegamento y brillo

You can take a peek at another spider activity I made for this week…but it is a matter for another post, so you’ll have to wait for details. 🙂

Juego de geometría con arañas

I will leave you with a spider morphology labeling sheet, free!  It includes an answer key, and you can download it in my TpT store.  Just click on the picture to go get it!

Label a Spider ~ Etiquetar la araña [Dual Immersion]

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