Weekly Plans 10.20.14

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It’s time for a new plan sheet!

The last ones I gave them lasted almost a month. We did all of the work on the last plan sheet, and added much more, following their interests, and because many of the works on the sheet were to be repeated various times, or had follow-up work connected with them.

Here is what Mr. Scientist (age 8, 3rd grade) will be working on in the next few weeks. It may take us another month to finish this work, or we may finish it within two weeks; whenever it is, I’ll just make the next plan and we’ll keep going! I’m going to share more about exactly how we use this plan in my next post, but for now, don’t forget that these are responsibilities he has to complete; he also will be adding his own work, which he chooses.

Work Plan Montessori

And now, here is Miss Adventuress’ plan! She is five and a half, in kindergarten.

Miss Adventuress Work Plan

And finally, Miss Braveheart’s plan! She is two years and four months.

Miss Braveheart's Montessori work plan

These plans help me be sure to have all necessary presentations translated, charts made, and materials for demonstrations and experiments gathered and prepared. It also helps me be sure that each child is working at least a little in each album, although they generally are doing more work in one album than the others, and later they’ll switch and concentrate more on a different area. That is perfectly fine, but I just want to be sure they are moving forward in all subjects. More details about exactly how we use these planning sheets daily in my next post!

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