Singular Sentences! Vocabulary and Grammar Fun

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I got out an activity I made last year, and G had fun making lot of singular sentences. You could call them silly sentences, but singular is a nice vocabulary word to throw in, isn´t it? There are noun, adjective, verb, and prepositional phrase cards to combine into sentences, and all of them turn out funny. It’s the best way to teach him grammar for now, as he absolutely detests worksheets! I admit, I tend to agree with him. 🙂

Oraciones ocurrentes centro de lenguaje

Here are some of the sentences he made. I have this activity in English, too, but he was working on Spanish today. He made more sentences also, and one inspired him to write a short story about it! If I give him the opportunity to just work with materials, he will often do the assignment I was hoping he would do, of his own accord. But if I present it as an assignment he must do, he fights it. When it’s his own idea, he will do it willingly, and work much harder at it! Patience is best. 🙂

Singular Sentences in Spanish, grammar literacy center

If you’re interested, you can find this activity in Spanish and in English in my TpT shop.

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