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I am always adapting to the needs of my children, to help them to learn.  I’m so thankful for all of the inspiration I find in what other teachers share!

One new idea has been visual plans.  Teachers are sharing their weekly plans, in visual format, over at Mrs. Wills´blog.  They share links to resources they’re using as well, so others can find them!

My plans aren’t as pretty as the rest, because I needed to print them, and I didn’t want to use my colored ink!  You’ll also notice that there aren’t specific plans for each day.  My children help me make their weekly plan.  I add lessons and themes that I want them to learn or explore, and they add ideas and lessons that they want to study.  If they complete their responsibilities one week, they have freedom to choose much of their work the next week.  But if they don’t complete their responsibilities (or if they whine about them a lot!), then I get to choose all of their learning activities for the next week.  Actually, that part of the system only applies to my 7-year old, as the younger girls aren’t old enough for that yet!

Here are my plans for the week.  We’re not going to finish everything on them this week, because G has been very busy planning his own business of caring for reptiles that other people no longer want as pets.  He’s researched what different types of reptiles need to live; he’s made drawings of the different habitats he’ll need to construct; he even bought his little sisters’ room for $1!  Unfortunately, he’s not going to have enough money to buy everything he needs for this business…in addition to the fact that Papi (Daddy) would not live in the same house as a snake of any kind! 🙂  But he’s learned a lot, so I let him continue with his plans, and we began animal classification with reptiles.  We’ve gone from the Animal Kingdom down to orders so far.  I’m also going to contact the biology department at the University in town, and see if he can help take care of reptiles there.  It’s not exactly what he was hoping for, so he’s a bit disappointed, but it’s better than nothing!

I haven’t had time to include the links to some materials we’re using, but truthfully I make almost all of my curriculum myself, to have just what I want in Spanish.  Here’s a link to a packet of B syllable activities I made for E for this week.

These plans are in Spanish; the English version follows.  Click on the plans to see them bigger.



Plan Visual E 1 año 11-11

Visual Plan G 2nd Grade 11-11

Visual Plan E 4K 11-11

Visual Plan E 16 months 11-11

I hope to share pictures and more details about some of these activities, but I think this post is long enough for now!

So I´ll leave you with the other new idea that has greatly influenced me this year: the Montessori method, particularly for the elementary level.  I’ll definitely be writing more about it!

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