A little painting, a little geometry.

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PintandoE is really enjoying painting; she’s making some paintings to sell.  She wants to buy herself some more dolls! 🙂  And when the big sister paints, what does little sister want?

Pintar con agua en la pizarraShe wants to paint too, of course! I gave her a paintbrush and a cup of water, and she painted happily on the chalkboard, on the other side of the easel from E!


IMG_3682I introduced G to the Montessori protractor.  Instead of beginning with the semicircle protractor, we start with this one with 360 degrees.  It helps him understand that a complete angle forms a circle, and that a circle has 360 degrees.  It isn’t hard at all to introduce these concepts at age 7, when you have the right materials!

Transportador Montessori protractorWe used our circle fraction material, and began measuring the pieces.  Here G discovers that the 1/4 piece measures 90 degrees.  He also recognized that this was a right angle.

Medir angulos Montessori measuring anglesAnd he measured a piece of each circle, from 1 to 1/10.  It was a great lesson.

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