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Homeschool classroom

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I’m finally ready to show you where we learn! I haven’t finished yet, to tell the truth (and you’ll notice), but it is SO much better than in the picture I shared five days ago!



Let’s get started! We’ll start in the living room. This is what you see when you enter the front door:

Homeschool Living Room

When our first son was born, I considered one of my missions to be organizing his and future children’s things so well in their rooms that I would never have to see them in the adult spaces…in other words, the rest of the house. But now there are more children than adults in the house, and it seems fair to me that they have space for themselves in the whole house, not just in their rooms.

Espacio para educar en casa


Estantes Bookshelves in Living Room

I built these bookshelves using Ana White’s plans…they cost me about thirty dollars total and a few hours of work. They are super strong and so useful. Each child has their own shelf, too! If I want them to read a particular book, I can put it here, and I will almost always find them with their nose in that book within a day. This way I get them to read some books they might not choose for themselves, without starting a battle.

Materials de nenes Toddler Learning Material

And this shelf is for my two-year-old, Miss Braveheart. I have materials for her here so that she can work while I’m reading with another child, or while I’m doing an activity with someone else. She’s able to choose her own work, take it off the shelf herself, and put it back when she’s finished. I change out the materials every once in a while, when she loses interest or when a material isn’t helpful for her anymore.

And now, to the classroom! The girls share a room, and Mr. Scientist has a room that is actually a tiny little office, and that left us with a room to use as a classroom. Mr. Scientist prefers his little room over this that used to be his room, because he can clean it much faster. And since he has space for himself in other rooms in the house, he doesn’t need a big bedroom. He just has a bed, a cabinet for clothes, and (soon, I’m in process of building it) a desk, and that makes him very happy. And we don’t have to do school in the basement!

From the door:

Aula en casa Classroom at home

The closet:

Math Materials in Closet Materials de mates en el almacén


To the left in the closet are the geometry materials and the microscope.

Materials de geometría Geometry Materials


In the center of the closet are the children’s cubbies, where they store their notebooks and binders with their box of special pencils and scissors.

Armario abierto Student cubbies


On top of the cubbies is a three-drawer organizer with white paper, lined paper, index  cards, envelopes, and graph paper.

Organizar papel en aula Oganizing paper in the classroom


To the right in the closet are our math materials:

Materiales de matemáticas Math materials


In the chest under the window we keep more materials: chemistry and physics sets, skeleton models, robots, more manipulatives…

Baúl de materiales Chest of materials


To the right of the chest is our reading rug with a pillow,and one of the many bookshelves full of books you’ll find in our house:

Reading rug Rincón de lectura


Continuing the the right you find a shelf of sensorial and practical life materials:

Materiales sensoriales y de vida práctica Sensorial and practical life materials


And then the science shelves. On top are habitats for various creatures the children capture and observe. Perhaps you noticed we had an aquarium with tadpoles in the living room right now, too! We’re not lacking pets. 🙂

Materiales de ciencias Science materials shelves


And then there are language, botany and geography materials that are currently without shelves…but I’m going to the hardware store tomorrow to buy what I need to make them! I hope to have the new shelves in the classroom by Monday, and I’ll share pictures then.

Materiales de lenguaje y geografía Language and Geography Materials


You’ll also note that I have a mobile to hang, and I have some other art and decorations, but organizing the learning materials has been my priority for the last few weeks.


And there is one more shelf between the classroom door and the closet. This one has more of Miss Braveheart’s materials, as well as books.

Más materiales de nenes More toddler materials


I also have a closet in the basement where I store more educational materials. And I have chemicals in boxes labeled flammable, reactant, and corrosive in the tops of our clothes closets. I’ve almost finished organizing the closet downstairs, and I’ll show it to you when it’s finished, too. For the moment, everything is in piles on the floor. 🙂 There’s always another project around here…


And those are our learning spaces…at least while we’re inside the house! We spend a lot of time outdoors, too, and on field trips! We are always learning, wherever we are.


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