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Mapa de Estados Unidos actividad


A while back I bought this sticker activity set for locating states, capitals, and landmarks in the U.S.  G needed one more activity today, so I got it out.  Before starting, I looked at E, and realized that she was going to be mad if she couldn’t do this activity too.  And while they SAY the stickers are reusable, we all know better…so I laminated the sticker sheets so that we can use them over and over again.

Estados y monumentos del EE UU

G placed the state name tags on the map today, corrected his work, and then added the landmarks.  We’ve never done a study of the states, nor of these landmarks, but he already knew where almost all of them were located.  He has a puzzle map of the U.S., so that didn’t surprise me, but I was surprised that he knew of all the landmarks.  He said, “Mom, they’re in Monopoly!”  And that is true.  In our newest version of Monopoly, almost all of these landmarks are included.  So Monopoly is not only good for improving math skills, but it’s great for social studies, too! Mapa de EE UU



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