Daily Work 9.22.14

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 Explorando por el lagoLast week we decided to stay at a nearby lake for a couple of days; here Mr. Scientist and Miss Adventuress are exploring with Papi (Dad).



Exploring by the lake

Mr. Scientist climbing rocks and looking for animals. He felt he was taking big risks, jumping from rock to rock and sometimes with water in between them!

Climbing on the rocksMiss Adventuress taking risks too and looking for animals. They didn’t find much this time, but they did catch some little frogs later, and we saw a bald eagle!

Explorando con Papi

And of course Miss Braveheart was also exploring and jumping from rock to rock, but she needed a bit of help…from Papi in this instance!

This week Mr. Scientist began by making plans to build a model of a house with electricity, plumbing, and everything working like a real one! We are investigating ways to do this, so no pictures yet, but it’s his big work for now. Normally he wants to build a full scale replica, like a house for him to use, so since he suggested a model this time, we’re going to find a way to make it work!


Latitud y longitud con UEFA futbol

A while back we introduced latitude and longitude, and it was time to go back to that concept. I decided the best way to do this would be to join it with soccer! So I made this activity for him to locate each team that has made it to the group stage in the UEFA Champions League of Europe. We have a great big atlas that is perfect for this work. He has to use various maps of Europe to find the coordinates that I gave him, and then record the city he found, in which country, and which team plays there.


Latitude longitude with UEFA Champions League

I gave him a list of the cities and countries he would use, so that he would know he’d found the correct place. Since I didn’t use minutes on the latitude and longitude, just full degrees the locations were not always precise. But that gave him the opportunity to discover that there are ways to make latitude and longitude even more specific, and that just degrees aren’t always enough. It also gives him plenty of experience using a real map himself, instead of just entering numbers into Google Maps to find a location. I want him to fully understand the concepts before using Google Maps; we will, but much later!


Juego de silabas con serpientesI needed to be nearby as Mr. Scientist began his latitude and longitude work, so I sat on the floor by him with Miss Adventuress, and we played this syllable game. It’s actually from St. Patrick’s Day, hence the snake theme (in reference to the legend that he expelled all of the snakes from Britain). We take turns picking a card from the pile and reading the syllable. If we read it correctly, it’s a snake thrown out of England. There are trick cards, too, as you’ll see in the next picture.


Syllables game with snakesThese were my cards after playing for about five minutes.

Pruebas de tablas de multiplicar

Mr. Scientist still hasn’t memorized all of his multiplication facts, so we’re working on that a little bit each day. He decided he would like to do some tests. His first two tests showed that he has the ones and twos down well, and the third test showed that we need to begin our practice there. He made a plan to learn the threes, and decided he would invent a game to do it. He’ll work on that this week.


Vida practica: Coser un boton

This is one of Miss Adventuress’ works. She learned to sew on buttons. We used felt and buttons with two holes to start. She can do everything by herself now except make the knot in the end of the thread. She loves this work, and is planning projects  that use buttons now!

Practical Life: Sewing a ButtonAnd here are the first two buttons Miss Adventuress sewed on! She’s added several more since then!


I’m going to leave Miss Braveheart’s work for another post; she’s been working and learning much, too! And, I want to be clear  that this isn’t all of the work we’ve done recently; these are just from Monday morning. I hope everything is well in all of your homes and classrooms this week!

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