Cancion de diciembre y otras novedades / December Calendar Song and other news

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It’s time to share another song!  This one is sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”!  There are two versions, one Christian and one non-religious, and each one has color and black/white versions.  Click any picture at the bottom of the post to download it (FREE) at TpT, or click the link below the pictures to download the pdf here!  Enjoy!

Lately, we’ve begun to do 1-2 addition problems during calendar time; G was tired of doing lots of 3-digit problems at a time (well, rebelling against it is more like it!).  So we are continuing with other math topics, and doing some addition and subtraction each day.  We’re using a packet of addition, subtraction, and place value with a bee theme, which also includes a bit of science.  I hope to have that packet available in my TpT store soon.

For now, there’s a new free activity in my store called “Reindeer Roadtrip“.  Students plan reindeer vacations through the northeast U.S., practicing 3-digit subtraction, map reading, chart reading, and state capitals, and learn a bit of U.S. history along the way!  There is one version all in English, and one version all in Spanish.

Now, the December songs! Just click on one of the images to download the pdf. Note that these are only in Spanish.


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