Beginning Montessori in Our Homeschool

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Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook

You’ll notice that we’re starting to follow the Montessori method in our learning; it’s perfect for us.  We were already starting to use this method unknowingly!  I’m learning more through training at Keys of the Universe.  I’ll share some of what I learn, and what we do.  For now, this is what I’ve learned, and what I like most about Montessori: with Montessori, we are observing the child to see what their needs are, and then using our materials to support them and help them to meet that need.  There is much freedom, with responsiblities.  My son needed that freedom; I only wish I’d studied this method of teaching sooner!  But we’re very excited for this new learning journey that we’ve begun…and grateful that we had already started down this road without knowing it.

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