Beginning our journey through antiquity

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We start school next Tuesday!  I’m preparing as much as possible before we begin; I don’t like having to make worksheets and such at 11pm the night before!  And now that we have a new baby at home, who was born in June, there is less time for planning.  But we’re going to share our journey with you, hoping that it helps you in your own journeys, whether learning at home or at public or private school.  G is starting first grade, and E is continuing with 3-year-old preschool.

Today I’m sharing the introduction sheet we’ll fill in for each civilization, and keep in a special notebook.  G decided to study ancient history in chronological order.  This year we’re starting at the beginning of the world and studying to the fall of Rome in 492, and next year we’ll continue to the modern era.

I’ve begun a board on Pinterest with the books we’re using this year, with a brief summary.  I’m hoping to write longer and more detailed reviews each week on this blog, as well.  For now, I’m making my list here:

I hope your school years have a stupendous beginning!

Click on the link below to download the worksheet.


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