Africa: Hands-On Activity for Learning Countries and Flags

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This is a hands-on activity to help your students learn the countries of Africa, and to familiarize them with the flags as well. In Montessori, this is called a pin map. It’s super easy to make. Just follow theses steps:

  1. Print a map of Africa without country names. Color it if you wish. I just outlined the borders on mine to make them easier to identify.
  2. Glue the map to a piece of foam-like material, in which you can easily stick a toothpick or a sewing pin. I used a piece of blue foam insulation board from the hardware store. You could use Styrofoam or anything similar. Don’t forget to leave space around the continent for some ocean and for the islands when you cut it out.
  3. Prep the flags. You can download my pdf that has the flags and country names. Cut on the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines.
  4. Glue a toothpick or sewing pin in the fold of each flag (this will be the flagpole) and glue the inside of the flag together. The flag should show on one side, and the country name on the other.
  5. If you’re using toothpicks, use a tack to make a small hole in each country. If you’re using sewing pins, no need for this step.
  6. When all of the flags are dry, start putting the flags in their countries!

I never learned all of the countries of Africa well, but after making the activity and using it with my son, I know them all!



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