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He encontrado un momento para compartir lo que vamos a estudiar esta semana…aunque hay que tener en cuenta que nuestros planes casi siempre cambian, y estas son las “responsabilidades” que yo he decidido que vamos a cumplir. Los niños también van a escoger sus propios trabajos.

I’ve found a moment to share what we’re going to be studying this week…although you should know that our plans almost always change, and these are just the “responsibilities” that I’ve decided we need to work on this week. The children will also be choosing their own work to go along with this.

He aquí las hojas que les voy a entregar…aunque a la Srta. Corazónvaliente no le importa, claro, pero ¡me ayuda a mí tener una para ella también!

Here are the sheets I’ll give to them tomorrow..although of course Miss Braveheart doesn’t care at all about hers, but it helps me to have one for her, too! The plan are in Spanish; I’ll give you the translation below!

Sr. Científico tiene 7 años y medio, en segundo grado:

Plan Visual de la Semana 24-3

Srta. Aventurera tiene 5 años, y es preescolar:

Plan visual Aventurera 24-3

Y Srta. Corazonvaliente tiene 21 meses.

Plan visual Corazonvaliente 24-3

Y aquí una traducción de lo que está en los planes, ¡para mis amigos que hablan el inglés!  Si quieres ver las actividades cuando las hacemos, ¡puedes en mi Tumblr!

And here is the English translation of the plans shown in the images!  If you want to see the activities as we do them, you can on my Tumblr!

Mr. Scientist (7.5 years old, second grade):

  • presentation: winds, with experiments
  • polygons game
  • paint habitat map
  • presentation: lines
  • presentation: angles
  • presentation: antonyms
  • presentation: using the large bead frame paper
  • presentation: fraction equivalence with circle insets
  • practice handwriting
  • presentation: the leaf
  • read
  • copy and memorize Bible verse(s) of the week
  • presentation: circles
  • First Great Lesson: God with No Hands
  • presentation: time zones
  • make hierarchical material together
  • longitude and latitude mysteries
  • choose a continent to study
  • presentation: Roman numerals
  • learn more Mandarin
  • continue sewing his quilt
  • make a box for Bible verses/passages memorized
  • chemistry set
  • work on arithmetic tables (math facts)
  • Lent footprints
  • make a meal plan for the week
  • make geometric art with the metal insets
  • guess the letter
  • division with racks and tubes

Miss Adventuress (5 years old, pre-K)

  • addition with the golden beads, to 1000
  • subtraction with golden beads, under 1000
  • presentation: walking the line
  • presentation: drawing contours
  • sew a pillow for her doll
  • presentation: paper for the large bead frame
  • presentation: brown stair (pieces on table across room)
  • presentation: shades of color
  • presentation: constructive triangles box 2
  • build binomial and trinomial cubes
  • read
  • copy and practice Bible verse
  • sandpaper tablets with blindfold
  • writing practice with the salt tray
  • presentation: geometric solids
  • cut out continent shapes in construction paper to cover continents on globe
  • South America puzzle
  • South American flags
  • art lesson
  • Lent booklet
  • snake reading game with two-syllable words
  • presentation: fractions
  • South American animals
  • build words with moveable alphabet
  • read about the people of South America
  • read about the countries of South America
  • make South America folder
  • make geometric design art using metal insets
  • use addition strip board
  • presentation: addition working charts

Miss Braveheart (21 months)

  • make playdough
  • brown stair work
  • put discs in slot on coffee can lid
  • cylinder blocks
  • three-solids shape sorter
  • pour water into glasses
  • basket of red and blue objects
  • open and close containers
  • rough and smooth boards
  • read lots of books
  • read the Bible
  • string giant wooden beads
  • build the tower
  • build with Duplo legos
  • puzzles
  • cleaning
  • wash hands in a bowl
  • name animals

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